SQUISHMALLOWS SQUISHVILLE Mini Plush (Squishville Accessory Set)

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About Squishville:
Welcome to the Squishville plush toy world, home of the Squishmallows!. This all-new world features your favorite Squishmallow plush characters in a brand new 2-inch size. There are playsets, vehicles, mini-Squishmallows plush characters (of course), and more in this adorably squishy collection. So call your squad and squeeze in because once you leave, you’ll squish you were here!

Hop into the Squishville plush toy world with the Mini Plush Room Accessory Set. This adorably squishy accessory set features your favorite Squishmallows plush characters in a mini 2-inch size. Squeeze your Mini-Squishmallows plush in and out of hilarious places with this fun assortment. The plush Squishville toy world is made with super-soft filling making it the coziest place on earth. Customize and decorate your Squishville plush toy world with the Kitchen, Playroom, Picnic, Camping, and Playground themes. Each accessory set comes with 2 accessories matching its theme, like a fridge and sink in the Kitchen theme. Add 5 of your Squishmallow plush favorites like Hans, Esmeralda, and Danny to your world of squish in their new 2-inch size. With vehicles, playsets, and your favorite Squishmallow plush characters, the Squishville plush world is bursting with personality.

1 2-inch Mini-Squishmallow plush characters
2 Themed Accessories

Suitable for All Ages

5 Themes to Collect
There are 5 accessory set themes to add to your Squishville plush world collection. Decorate and customize with the Kitchen, Playroom, Picnic, Camping, and Playground themes. Each accessory set comes with 1 fan-favorite mini-Squishmallow plush character to collect. You can squeeze and squish your mini-Squishmallows plush into hilarious places like the fridge or sink.

Ultra-soft and Ultra-adorable
Just like Squishmallows plush characters, the plush world of Squishville toys is soft, cuddly, and colorful. The plush world is made with high-quality material and irresistibly soft filling. It’s the coziest place to be.