Batman - Joker Ninja Deluxe 12" Action Figure

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1/6 Clown Lord Lord Jock DX/NX (Deluxe/Normal Edition) event puppets include:
-1/6 Movable element body, about 30 cm high
-Movable body with multiple joints
-Very real, playing the role of the evil character JOKER in the movie “Batman Ninja 2018”
-Its head carving is exquisite and true

Head carving
-Clown with evil smile and head carving (SA0077 / SA0078)

2. Palm, packaging:
-1 left palm with bomb (SA0077/SA0078)
-1 left palm with remote control (SA0077/SA0078)
-1 Right palm with hoist (SA0077 / SA0078)
-1 pair of palms with fan (SA0077 / SA0078)
-1 right hand with long handle (SA0077 / SA0078)
-1 left hand palm with knife (SA0077/SA0078)
-1 Right palm with spear (for SA0077 Deluxe Edition)

3. Clothing (shared with SA0077/SA0078)
-1 set of dark purple shirts
-1 green vest
-1 corsage decoration
-1 purple coat
-1 pink pants
-1 belt
-1 scarf
-1 pair of purple leather shoes

4. Accessories:
-2 Battle fans
-1 long Qilian knife needle
-1 cucumber
-1 poisonous flower bomb
-1 bomb remote control
Spear with -1 logo (for SA0077 Deluxe Edition)
-1 Gunpowder barrel with fuze gunpowder (SA0077 Deluxe Edition only)
5. Puppet stand with floor
-1 ordinary bracket
-1 scene base (accessory can be placed) (only for SA0077 Deluxe Edition)