Star Wars - Han Solo Millennium Falcon US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl Deluxe

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Star Wars - Han Solo Millennium Falcon Amazon US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl Deluxe

Star Wars - Han Solo with Millennium Falcon 13" Deluxe Pop! Vinyl Figure

It’s official. The most incredible (and biggest) Star Wars Pop! Vinyl that Funko has ever released is finally here… the Han Solo with Millennium Falcon 13” Deluxe Pop! Vinyl Figure!

The Millennium Falcon is one of, if not the most iconic starship in all of pop culture. First appearing in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, it’s the ship every Star Wars fan would love to take for a test flight (and now we all can courtesy of Star Wars Land!).

Piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca, the Falcon was famous for making the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs, and helped the Rebel Alliance to take down the evil Galactic Empire.

At well over 30cm long and more than 25cm wide, this piece is sure to become the centrepiece of any collection. Not only does it feature Han Solo in the pilot’s seat, but the attention to detail in the sculpt truly encapsulates everything we love about the Falcon. From the rectenna to the laser cannons on top and bottom, it’s all here! Just look at the Han Solo figure, that should give you a pretty clear idea of just how huge this piece is!

Finally, the Pop! comes complete with a sculpted themed display base that allows the Falcon to fly in the air where she belongs. She also comes in a beautiful window display box for the in-box collectors.

Safe to say, there isn’t a Star Wars fans alive who wouldn’t love to have this in their collection. It’s a talking point that’s sure to make you the envy of all of your Star Wars-loving friends.

Stock is strictly limited, so make sure you order now to ensure you have it ready in time for Christmas for that special someone. The galaxy is far, far away, so who knows when she’ll return?!

Product Dimensions: 13.25" (L) x 10 (W) x 5.5" (H)